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Prakash Ambedkar Grand son of DR B R Ambedkar honors Mr Bodasu venkataramana for his statue work in bronze and fibre

I'm a Sculptor / artist in Hyderabad, AP, India. I love to make all types of statues with metal and cement. I Specialize in making Ambedkar statues of upto 100fts and with different postures.

I always wanted to do something special which would get me name and fame.I am self-taught artist-sculptor have been in fact ''specialising'' in Dr.Ambedkar's statues for many years now. "Dr. Ambedkar's life fascinated me and I was inspired by his triumph against all odds. I want to convey the same kind of inspiration to the people through my work. My figures of Dr. Ambedkar adorn several public places in the districts of Rangareddy and Mahabubnagar.

The project for making the latest statue came after the Ambedkar Youth Association of Nanded (Maharashtra) got impressed with a similar statue but that of 12 feet high put up at Kandukur - also made by me two years ago and purported to be the highest statue for Dr. Ambedkar in A.P. Hailing from Ferozenagar village of Madugula mandal in Mahabubnagar district, I migrated to the city five years ago and set up a shop before venturing into statue making full time. I was encouraged by my teachers and parents from childhood but I could not manage to get into the fine arts course. I have done religious statues and also those of Rajiv Gandhi (recently one was put up at Amangal). I am also busy in finishing another one of Babu Jagjivan Ram to be installed in Ghatkesar. But, my pride is in the latest Dr. Ambedkar statue.

Endorsing my work are several Dalit organisations. "We have been searching for a right sculptor to make Dr. Ambedkar statues for a long time. He is the best after the famous Wagh of Mumbai who made statues installed in Parliament and Tank Bund," says J.B. Raju of the Rashtra Dalit Sena. The statue weighing three tonnes the statue is to be shifted to Nanded soon.

I'm available for free-lance contract work and consultations.